Replay of the Aprea Therapeutics Virtual KOL Event on APR-1051, a Highly Selective and Potentially Best-in-Class Oral WEE1 Inhibitor  Watch here

We’re Challenging the Status Quo in Cancer Treatment

Almost everyone has been impacted by cancer, either personally or through a loved one, which is why we’re passionate about changing the status quo. Our commitment to saving lives drives us to explore approaches that haven’t been tried–or even thought of–before.


An Ongoing Commitment to Discovering Novel Cancer Therapies

A History of Going Our Own Way

Over a decade ago, our team was the first to recognize and report the DDR-related ATR gene as a potential target for precision therapeutics. And we continue to forge the path not taken. Today, Aprea Therapeutics is a clinical stage, platform biotechnology company focused on the development of novel, synthetic lethality-based therapies with direct on-target mechanisms of action and clear clinical pathways.

A Strategic Acquisition

Acquiring Atrin Pharmaceuticals supports our latest innovations in targeted oncology approaches.

Aprea Therapeutics acquired privately held Atrin Pharmaceuticals in May 2022. Aprea has made the assets and technology acquired from Atrin a key focus moving forward. Our approach involves targeting the ATR pathway (ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related) to limit the ability of tumor cells to engage their DNA damage and response pathways (DDR), which may significantly reduce the treatment resistance of cancer cells.

Join Aprea’s Mission

Aprea is committed to bringing potentially less toxic therapeutics to the cancer patients who need them.